Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oyaide OR-800 ADVANCE Speaker Cables

I was using the Dynaudio OCOS speaker cables then.
I got them from Nicholas from Dynaudio Singapore. Nicholas is a big guy with a loud voice and jovial laughter. I once told him that his job was fantastic, being able to, in his line of work, listen to superb speakers. He simply replied that at work he listened to the Dynaudio while he has his Cabasse at home. Wow, what a luxury! At that time, i auditioned his Audience 42, the most entry-level model in the Dynaudio line-up. BTW, i had already gotten the Dynaduio Acoustics BM6 then. The Audience 42 is a really small speaker but the sound it produced is so large. I was grinning from cheek to cheek then and exclaimed that this was what lured me into Dynaudio in the first place. The BM6 that i have is from the professional arm of Dynaudio. I might share the story of my BM6 some other day.
OK, back to the story at hand. I was curious what the Oyaide has to offer in their speaker cables so i made a trip down to Audio Basic again. By then, i am already his regular customer in the frequency i visit him. This time, he did not want to do a shop demo. Haha, probably tired of having to switch cables for me so many times during the last visits. :p Thus, he offered to loan me the cables for a home trial instead! I happily accepted his offer. He loaned me the Oyaide OR-800 and also the Acrolink speaker cables- cannot recall whether it is the 1000 or 1400 series- they look identical.
So i brought back the cables for a home audition. The Acrolink sounds wonderful. Very alluring and inviting. I really wanted the cables for their sonic beauty. But deep down, i felt that the signature seems to be a bit coloured compared to my OCOS- with the Acrolink, the music just sounds so beautiful every album i played. That cannot be the case right, i mean, the recording quality will vary due to the materials and also the recording engineer's preference.
How about the Oyaide?
Compared to the OCOS, the OCOS sounds less refined. Extension is roughly the same between both cables though i would say that the Oyaide is slightly more extended. Details come through easily and naturally on the Oyaide. The only thing i do not like about the Oyaide is that it is factory terminated in spades. The speaker posts on my Dynaudio do not seem to be designed with spades in mind.
After some time of home audition, i decided that i would want a full-oyaide wiring on my set-up, yeah! :D
Is this the end of my hardware journey? Alas, no! Because i still frequent Audio Basic and i come to appreciate the Acrolink signature...

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